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Competitive Trampoline

Trampolining is a competitive Olympic sport in which gymnasts perform acrobatics while bouncing on a trampoline. These can include simple jumps in the pike, tuck, or straddle position, to more complex combinations of forward or backward somersaults and twists.

The routines are performed on a standard 14 foot by 7 foot regulation sized trampoline with a central marker. Each routine consists of the athlete performing ten different skills starting and finishing on their feet.

Attendance & Registration

Each participant / family is required to be a member of SIGS Sportsplex. Family registration of $35 is due once a year and covers everyone in the same household.

Monthly payments are based on a yearly commitment which constitutes 48 out of 52 weeks in a year. Promptness and attendance are very important to us. Please call 812.949.7447 should your child need to miss a class due to illness or conflict.

Double-mini Trampoline

What is Double-Mini

A double mini-trampoline is smaller than a regulation competition trampoline. It has a sloped end and a flat bed. The gymnast runs up and jumps onto the sloping end and then jumps onto the flat part before dismounting onto a mat. Skills are performed during the jumps and/or as they dismount.

Double-Mini Competition

A double mini-trampoline competition consists of two types of pass. In the one, which is known as a mounter pass, the athlete performs one skill in the jump from the sloping end to the flat bed and a second skill as they dismount from the flat bed to the landing mat. In the second, which is known as a spotter pass, the athlete does a straight jump from the sloping end to the flat bed to gain height, performing one skill while landing back on the flat bed and then a second skill as they dismount. These skills are similar to those performed on a regular trampoline except that there is movement laterally along the trampoline.

About SIGS Sportsplex

SIGS Sportsplex is one of southern Indiana's largest multi-sport facilities, offering fun, family activities. We constantly strive to provide the community with a growing variety of fitness opportunities. Over 35 years of experience has helped us build programs that emphasize a family-friendly environment, and we feel privileged to now be serving the second generation of many of our original participants.

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