Feel like your child needs more individualized attention?

SIGS Sportsplex offers private instruction. Cost is $115 for 5 lessons. Just call or stop by the office to let us know your child's goals, current skill level, and basic information. Our Private Lesson Coordinator will match the skills and times with our experienced coaching staff. There is a $50 deposit due, which will be applied to the cost of the initial 5-lesson fee. Students attend 1-time a week at the same time for 5 weeks. Lessons can be renewed in 5-week incremetns.

What to Wear

It is important to "dress the part". Please abide by the following guidelines to make your child's activity the safest it can be! TUMBLERS & TRAMPOLINISTS should wear shorts and a tucked-in t-shirt, along with SHOES for tumblers and SOCKS for trampolinists. JEWELRY is NOT permitted for any activity at SIGS. LONG HAIR should be pulled up BEFORE entering for class (hair ties are available at the front desk for 25¢).

Class RULES for fun & safety

1. Gymnasts: please wear a leotard (without a skirt / tutu attached). Both girls and boys may instead wear shorts and shirt. Bare feet. Hair must be pulled back and away from the face. No jewelry please.

2. Swimmers: a modest suit and towel. Goggles are optional and encouraged only for upper level swimmers. Swim diapers are a MUST for those not potty trained.

3. Trampoline / Tumbling: shorts and tucked-in shirt. Tennis shoes and socks for tumblers. Trampolinists must have socks. Hair must be pulled up / back.

4. Siblings and those NOT taking a class need to be supervised while in the lobby at SIGS. There should be no running, jumping from stairs, or any other unsafe behavior.

5. Parents are NOT to enter the gym or pool unless specifically asked by the instructor. We ask that parents please respect the instructor's authority and not distract their children during class. This includes calling out to one's child, knocking on the glass, or attempting to coach from outside the gym or pool. Doing so removes a child's focus from the instructor and can disrupt other children in a class.

General Policies & Procedures

Promptness and attendance are very important to us. Effective August 1, 2016 — class make-ups will ONLY be available with a doctor's note.

If SIGS cancels a class for any reason (inclement weather, holiday, etc.) a make-up class will be assigned or you will be allowed a make-up at your convenience.

About SIGS Sportsplex

SIGS Sportsplex is one of southern Indiana's largest multi-sport facilities, offering fun, family activities. We constantly strive to provide the community with a growing variety of fitness opportunities. Over 35 years of experience has helped us build programs that emphasize a family-friendly environment, and we feel privileged to now be serving the second generation of many of our original participants.

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